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Sparkin is an innovation management platform. It is the only platform which assists teams to do the ideation. Our team collected 40 proven methods from experts like ‘Edward de Bono’ and others, to spark creativity and lateral thinking. We have already packed 16 of such methods as tools in Sparkin for ‘Idea Generation’. Sparkin also has 'Idea Management', 'Idea Evaluation' and 'Collaboration' features.

It is fairly simple. Register with your official email id and password. Give a unique name to your space and you are all set to start ideating.

We have spent a lot of time on thinking how we can make Sparkin extremely easy to use and less cluttered. It has all the required elements for ideation like ‘notes, ‘scribbling’ and other features without overwhelming users. We sincerely believe that your team with the right motivation will enjoy ideating and it'll take your teams’ innovation to new levels.

We collected 40 proven methods from experts like ‘Edward de Bono’ and others, to spark creativity and innovation. When somebody uses a tool, it has clear instructions for first time usage (can be referred later). These tools guide the individual and stimulate lateral thinking.

There are multitude of ways in which one can spark lateral thinking and generating ideas. Some of these are simple provocations which are created as basic tools. Advanced tools are less-commonly known, structured and more thought provoking methods.

Sparkin records the time spent on ideation and on specific tool. The notes and ideas created while using a particular tool have the reference of used tool. This information can be used later to assess the best method working for your team.

Your organisation needs the team to deliberate on any problem or process improvement to suggest solutions. You can create the problem statement as Challenge for team to submit their solutions (ideas). Those ideas can then be evaluated on the basis of the criterion set for the Challenge. Some gamification is also involved based on likes and comments by fellow team mates.

Depending on the size of your organisation, you can choose to create teams for different functions. These teams can have their own challenges and seek participation from allocated team members.

Idea management is about capturing, organizing, evaluating and collaborating on ideas. Members can create public ideas which can be seen by all other members. Individual members can also keep some of their ideas as private.

Currently we haven’t created the export feature. If you need your data, please write to us and our team will send you the exported data of ideas and challenges.

During ideation process, there are hundreds of things which come to one's mind. You can keep capturing those as note(s). Later these notes can be refined and converted to new ideas.

Advanced tools make you go through a series of provocations and you can keep capturing those as Scribbles. Scribbles are what tools are asking you to write. You can save the Scribbles as Notes before exiting the tool. Every tool has a new Scribble pad.

Administrator of the system and Team Leaders (If you are using Enterprise plan) can create Challenges.

Currently we do not have that feature. We are working on it and it should be available soon.

Admin or Team Leaders can send the invites to members’ emails through Settings. Members will receive an invitation email. They can click the link present in email and set their password to get started on using Sparkin.

If you are on a Free plan then you can have only limited number of ideas in the system. Sparkin will not allow you to create new ideas once you have reached that limit.

If you are on a Free plan then you can have only limited number of users in the system. Sparkin will not allow you to send new member invitations once you have reached that limit.

Your subscription is moved to Free plan.

Alternatively, you can choose to add payment information and your selected plan can continue normally.

All payments are made via Stripe (Credit Card and other options) on the Growth and Pro plans.

For Enterprise customers, we can mutually agree on payment options like via bank, wire, or check.

You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan anytime. The prorated charges will apply.

You can increase or decrease the number of users anytime during the subscription.

We'll apply prorated charges or refunds on your account.

All clients' data is placed separately on different servers.

We commission apt servers and limit the number of users to ensure great user experience.

We have a free plan with the limit of 5 users and 50 ideas. Ideation tools access time per month is also limited.

In addition to this, if you are an early stage startup or educational institute, write to us and we will make our plans available for free for a limited number of companies in a given month.

Administrator of your space is always free to cancel the subscription. Your billing will stop from the subsequent month.

You can request us to provide your data export, before you cancel the plan.

Once you cancel the paid subscription, you will be moved to Free plan.


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